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Clinical Associates Clinical Associates Locations Clinical Associates at Towson

Clinical Associates at Towson

Clinical Associates at Towson

515 Fairmount Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21286
main: 410-296-5300
fax: 410-494-1302
Driving Directions

Mohammed Ahmed, M.D. FAMILY PRACTICE 410-769-6269
Amy Barlow, CRNP, CDE DIABETES EDUCATION 410-494-1322
George Bedon, M.D. PULMONARY 410-494-1321
James Corkum, M.D. GASTROENTEROLOGY 410-494-1315
Albert DeLoskey, M.D. INTERNAL MEDICINE 410-494-1314
Carl Friedman, M.D. INTERNAL MEDICINE 410-494-1322
Alan Geringer, M.D. UROLOGY 410-494-1381
Carlton Greene, M.D. GASTROENTEROLOGY 410-494-1315
Cheryl Grossman, PAC INTERNAL MEDICINE 410-494-1313
Cindy Kasner, OD OPTOMETRY 410-494-1377
Dafna Koldobskiy, M.D. PULMONARY 410-494-1385 
Sheldon Lerman, M.D. SURGERY 410-321-1514
Hillary Loper, M.D. ENDOCRINOLOGY 410-526-3061
Keiffer Mitchell, M.D. GASTROENTEROLOGY 410-366-1838
Bindu Noor, M.D. INTERNAL MEDICINE 443-921-1009
Trinh Pham, DO DERMATOLOGY 410-494-1340
Julia Santoso-Pham, DO DERMATOLOGY 410-494-1340
Lise Satterfield, M.D. FAMILY PRACTICE 410-769-6269
Richard Scholz, M.D. OPHTHALMOLOGY 410-494-1377
Alan Shorofsky, M.D. INTERNAL MEDICINE 410-494-1317
Francis Wiegmann, M.D. INTERNAL MEDICINE 410-494-1322







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Clinical Associates Clinical Associates For appointments please call 410-FOR-CARE (410-367-2273). Clinical Associates Clinical Associates
Clinical Associates Clinical Associates Clinical Associates
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